Become A Beta Tester

What on earth is beta testing?

Beta testing (also known as user testing) will be used to validate the usability, functionality, compatibility, and reliability of Smashbomb. We also use the process to gather valuable feedback about the concept of Smashbomb and to encourage users to contribute new feature requests and ideas for improvement.

Smashbomb ‘beta’ launched in April, 2017 and we still need more testers. Smashbomb will always be free to use, so all we ask for are your opinions and feedback.

We promise to listen, engage, and respond to every single last one of you. No auto-responders, no canned replies – just real people with a passion for Smashbomb.


So, what do we need our beta testers to actually do?

In the case of Smashbomb, we need testers to, well, be themselves!

Very simply, we will invite each tester to join the website ahead of everybody else and use it just as they would normally. The only difference is that as you use the website, you will be encouraged to tell us about any problems or issues you encounter, and will be asked for feedback on an ongoing basis.

That really is it – your feedback can be as technical or non-technical as you wish and there are no ‘minimum requirements’.

In short, we just want to make sure everything works and to learn about what our users actually want (rather than what we think you want!).


Hmm… ok, so what’s in it for me?

Well, unfortunately, we can’t offer payment, fast cars, or seaside villas, but we can offer you the opportunity to be part of something brand new. As a tester, you would become a valuable part of our ‘early adoptors’ community, where you can literally help us to build and launch a fun experience for all.

Our first users will be able to secure their first-choice usernames, and have a head start on later users when it comes to our kudos points system – a points system used to reward the best contributors.

Finally, you will be heroes to us! Hopefully, this alone will give you that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you do something good.