About Smashbomb

The ‘Problem’

Online reviews can no longer be trusted with fake reviews, vested interests and paid review services corrupting the value of the major entertainment review websites.

The ‘Solution’

The only people you can really trust are those you already know, respect, or admire.

Smashbomb lets you follow anybody’s recommendations and enjoy a real-time feed of entertainment recommendations from those you trust.

The Elevator Pitch (short)

The social network for entertainment recommendations

Here are a few other elevator pitch variations we considered using to explain the concept of Smashbomb:

  1. Smashbomb is a social network that lets you research and discover new things through recommendations from your friends, influencers, experts, and heroes
  2. The socially-powered discovery platform for entertainment
  3. Discover new entertainment from your friends, influencers and heroes
  4. Recommend and discover awesome things from friends, influencers, celebrities and heroes
  5. Recommend stuff to your friends and followers
  6. Hear about everything your friends, enemies and superheroes love and hate
  7. Recommend and discover
  8. Recommendation and discovery for entertainment
  9. Social recommendation and discovery platform
  10. Smashbomb lets anybody discover new things through recommendations from their friends, influencers, and heroes

What ‘Things’ Are You Talking About?

Smashbomb will allow you to recommend and discover new entertainment (you probably weren’t looking for) from your followers and those you follow. We are talking anything! Products, Movies, Places, Books, Apps, Services, Websites, Games, Youtube Channels, Tech, Restaurants, Things To Do, Gigs, Musicals, Things To Do, Food and Drink and more…

Whose Bright Idea Was This Then?

Smashbomb is a startup project with a small team featuring Dave Bird (CEO), Hany El Nokaly (CTO), Imogen Johnson (all round good egg) and Khoa Pham. The team have a wide range of online experience but have never worked on a ‘fresh startup’ together before. The Smashbomb team are based in the UK.

What’s The Dev Plan, Stan?

Smashbomb is being developed under the lean startup methodology. As a part of this, we intend on deploying a very early live version of Smashbomb before embarking on an ongoing ‘small batch’ development process based around the principle of ‘build, measure, learn’. There will be no big launch – it will start raw, and quite possibly a little unpolished, but with your help, we promise to make it into something special.