28 Oct 2019

How do I become a Smashbomb Influencer and why should I care?

Smashbomb ‘Influencers’ are our heroes! These are the most active Smashbombers out there who have really gone the extra mile on the platform.

You automatically become become an Influencer when you hit 1000 Kudos Points. At that point you will receiver a message congratulating you on your achievement and highlighting the benefits of your new status.

Currently, Influencers receive the following perks:

  • You will show as an Influencer to the community with a new Influencer icon next to your name and on your profile.
  • You will be sent an Influencer t-shirt. Please claim your -shirt on the Giveaways page.
  • You will get a bonus entry every time you enter a Giveaway.
  • You will receive a mention in the Smashbomb newsletter.
  • You will be invited to join the Smashbomb Council Orb – the ‘Inner Sanctum’ of Smashbomb giving you an even greater say on the future of Smashbomb.
  • You will be invited to access to our beta server where you can be the first to see and test new features.

These perks are growing all the time for all Influencers so please do watch this space as more are added.

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