09 May 2019

I can’t find the item I’m looking for – how can I create it?

ou’re in the right place! Adding new items is deliberately super-quick and very simple.

With such a vast amount of items out there (imagine all the books, movies, games, TV series, products places, etc, in the world!) there will be gaps in our listings.

If you’re sure an item doesn’t already exist on Smashbomb you can add it yourself and be honored with its creation forever!

To add a new item, click the + icon next to the category on the sidebar (below example: podcasts):

Now, you will see the following window for the category in question:

Please double-check the item does not already exist and then click the ‘Create it now’ button.

You will then see a window similar to this one:

Please add the requested information, and click the ‘Continue’ button when you’re ready to move on to the final stage – adding an image.

Add the image source (this must be done before uploading), and then select the image you would like to upload to your new item.

Voila! Your new item has been created and is ready for your rating.

Note: all new items are published and then manually checked by the Smashbomb elves (admins).

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