09 May 2019

What are badges, and how does the badge system work?


Users can earn achievement badges as a reward for positive activity on Smashbomb. 

Your selected badge will appear in various parts of Smashbomb (next to your name) where others can see how awesome you are! Higher level badges are a sign of authority and trust, which will result in increased exposure and more followers. 

Some badges are earned based on kudos points (KP) awarded by other users, and others are awarded by Smashbomb directly.

When you are awarded a badge, you will receive a notification message, and the award will appear in your follower streams. 

Note that new badges will be added to Smashbomb on a regular basis, including seasonal badges, and ‘limited edition’ badges.

You can then see and manage the badges you have been awarded within your user profile within the ‘Badges Earned’ section.

When you have multiple badges, you are able to select the badge that other users see which may be changed at any time by clicking the ‘Selected’ option.

Embedding your badges onto your website, blog or social accounts

You are also able to embed any of your badges into your own website, blog or social media accounts by clicking the ‘Embed’ option and copying/pasting the code accordingly. You can select the size required within the code.

Also, be sure to share your badges with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. To do this, just click the ‘Share’ button!

Earning new badges – badge progress

You can see your current badge progress by clicking the ‘Badge progress’ link at the top-right of your Badges Earned section.

Clicking this will display all of the badges currently available to earn, along with the progress you have made towards earning them, and a brief description of how the badge may be earned.

Badge levels

Smashbomb will use a standard color code for badges, so you can see the level of another users badge at a glance.

The ‘standard’ badge levels are as follows, using the TV category as an example, ranging from the lowest level (reviewer) to the highest level (legend).

Hovering over a badge will give you the name of that badge.

Note: more badges will be added in the future that will not use the standard colors. These will be one-off badges and will vary in color/style.

Have any questions about badges or anything else? Please contact us.

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