09 May 2019

What are lists and how do I create a list?

Lists are an awesome way of organising and sharing the things that matter to you, for discovery by others.

Creating lists is quick and easy

To start, click on your profile and navigate to the ‘My lists’ section. To create a new list, click the + button next to ‘My Lists’:

This will ask you to select a category and display the options for your new list. Here you can add an image (others will see this when the list is shared), a title, and a description. You can also set your list to private, meaning other users can’t see your list (or when you add items to it) until it’s ready!

You add items to your list by using the clicking the ‘Add item’ button on the second page.

 Start typing the name of the item you would like to add and then select it from the suggested items:

This will add the items into your list in the order they were added:

Re-order your items by dragging each item and dropping them in the order you prefer or by selecting the appropriate ordering option:

Share Your Lists

And that’s it – you’re all set. All you have to do now is save your list and share to your followers and to the public ‘Lists’ page if you wish. Please note that only lists that contain 3+ items and an uploaded list image may be shared.

Archive your lists

You can archive your lists by selecting the ‘archive’ checkbox.

Add your list to the Lists Directory

Having your list appear in the List Directory is a great way to gain exposure (and followers/kudos points).

To add your list to the List Directory, just make sure it is set to public (i.e, not set to private), has a list image uploaded, and contains at least 3 items. 

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