09 May 2019

What are ‘Orbs’?

What are Orbs, exactly? 

As well as being the place to ‘review the world’, Smashbomb should also be an engaging, sociable experience. A place for communities.

Orbs are a place for you to build a community and discuss anything at all with other like-minded people who share your passions. 

Orbs can be created by any Smashbomb user and are a great way to share news, views, updates and opinions with people who have interests much like your own. 

Orbs are also useful for brands, authors, publishers, creators, place-owners, producers, events and pretty much anybody else as a platform for communication and for building reach and engagement.

An Orb can be created about any subject at all from a genre of books to vegan cafes’ in New York to the Glastonbury Festival! 

You can also become a member of other users Orbs – some are open, whilst some require approval. 

Either way, Orbs are good fun and add a whole new dimension to Smashbomb!

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