09 May 2019

How can I promote my Orb?

Do you have a shiny new Orb, but nobody’s using it?

Here are a few tips to promote your Orb and to skyrocket your member activity.

Related items

Make sure that you have set ‘related items’ for your Orb. You can edit this under your Orbs settings. Your Orb will appear in the ‘Related Orb’s section on each of these items for all to see.

Invite your followers

You can invite any of your followers to become a member of your Orb as well as allowing your existing members to invite their followers too. 

Be careful though – don’t over-invite or you will be seen as a spammer and your followers are likely to unfollow you.

Be active

On the Orb discovery page, Orbs are listed in order of ‘most recently updated’, so the more active you and your members are, the more exposure (and new members) you will receive.

Run a giveaway!

Running a competition with a free giveaway to your members is a great way to attract new Orb members. Make the prize relevant to your Orb so you know that people who enter are also interested in what you have to say. 

High-quality content

It is super-important to make sure that your Orb has a well-written description, along with high-quality images, and relevant videos (if applicable). These are usually the first-impression for other users and poor quality content is likely to deter!


Be nice to other Orb owners and promote each other. For example, if you run an Orb about ‘The Best Restaurants in Chicago’ and another user runs ‘What’s On In Chicago’, there’s an opportunity for cross-promotion.

Remember though, to keep the content you promote of value to your members. Nobody likes spam!

Link to your Orb on your social accounts, blogs and websites

Add links and posts to your existing social account promoting your new Orb. Also, why not link to it from your blog – after all, these are people who are already interested in what you have to say!

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