09 May 2019

How do I invite my friends?

It’s great fun to recommend awesome things to your friends, and discover the things they love.

You can invite your friends to Smashbomb using Facebook, an invite link, or through email.

Invite your friends through Facebook

To invite friends through Facebook, go to your profile page and click on the Facebook icon under ‘Invite friends:

You will see a window appear from which you can:

  • Share to Facebook
  • Add to Friend’s timeline
  • Add to your Facebook page
  • Notify a group
  • Private message an invite to individual friends

You can easily invite your friends by sending them a link to your profile. To obtain your link, click on the link icon under ‘Invite friends’. Simple!

Invite your friends through email

To invite friends through email, go to your profile and click the remix icon under ‘Invite  friends’.

Selecting this will display the following window:

Simply add your friends email addresses (separated by a comma, e.g, bob@test.com,john@doe.com, etc), click the ‘Send invite’ button and your friends will be notified.

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