Loving The Music Update? It’s Video Games Next!
07 Jul 2017

Loving The Music Update? It’s Video Games Next!


You may have noticed some major changes over the past month, well add this one to the list!!

The Games category is nearly ready to go live. Everything from new releases to PC/Mac games will be added. This is also the perfect time to delve back in time as this category will include classic retro games such as The Legend Of Zelda, Final Fantasy and Metroid!

Find fellow smash-gamers and who knows… you might end up organising a Smashbomb Gaming Night! (Mario Kart is a classic choice! But we’re not responsible for any arguments or stress caused by Rainbow Road).

So be sure to keep a look out and leave ratings on your favourite items once the category goes live!

New Beta Testers… we know you’re out there… what are you waiting for?


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