The Smashbomb End of Decade Awards
04 Jan 2020

The Smashbomb End of Decade Awards

We are on a mission to find the very best products and entertainment from the past decade, to help us do this, we have created the Smashbomb End of the Decade Awards!

Starting now in January, you will be able to vote for the best of the best in every category currently on Smashbomb!

Smashbomb is all about the opinions of the community, which is why we want as many people as possible to get involved. We can’t wait to see what YOU vote as the best products from the last decade.

We have put together a list of nominations for every category based on the highest rated products currently on Smashbomb. There are 15 nominations for the TV, Music, Video Game, Tabletop Game, Podcast, App and Technology categories. But there are a whopping 35 nominations for the Book and Film categories (since they are the most loved on Smashbomb).

The 35 nominations for Films and Books are split across different genres. Each genre will be voted on with the winner of each one going into a final poll to decide the best Film and Book from the last decade.

The groups for the other categories are just a little different – instead of genres, nominations are split into 3 groups of release date, each being 2010-13, 2014-17 and 2018-19. The 3 winners from each group will then go into the final vote to decide the best TV, Music, Video Game, Tabletop Game, Podcast, App and Technology released in the last decade.

The first nomination polls will be live on Smashbomb on 3rd January 2020. We begin with Apps, meaning there will be 3 polls available on 3rd January: Best app of 2010-13, best app of 2014-17, and best app of 2018-19.

You’ll have to be quick though! The nomination polls will only be available for three days each. We will be announcing the first 3 winners on 6th January. The nomination polls for every category (except Books and Film) will run one after the other through the whole of January.

As they are the more popular categories currently on Smashbomb, the Book and Film nomination polls will be open for longer – a week to be exact! For example, the first poll will be the Book nominations in the Biography category. The Biography poll will be live from 4th January to 10th January. However Book polls will take place in the first half of January, and Film polls will be in the second half of January.

With the nomination polls taken care of in January, the final polls to decide all of the winners will take place in early February. Each of the final polls will run for 3 days.

On 13th February we will officially announce the full winners list of the Smashbomb End of the Decade Awards!

We will be keeping our official social media pages regularly updated so that you can follow the progress of the awards and see the winners.
The Smashbomb team are very excited to see what the community vote as the best products from the last 10 years! So stay tuned to Smashbomb to get involved!

Happy Reviewing!
The Smashbomb Team.

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