A quicker Smashbomb, is a better Smashbomb – Update (v19.03.28) now live
28 Mar 2019

A quicker Smashbomb, is a better Smashbomb – Update (v19.03.28) now live

Here at Smashbomb, we are constantly working out ways to improve the site for users. Listed below are some of the recent updates that you might not have noticed in a little more detail:

Item Creation Information

We’ve realised that you might not know every fact about an item – so that’s why we’ve shortened the initial creation process.

Instead of guessing information, you now only need to know the basics to create an item. So, if you suddenly remember the director of your favourite film – don’t worry! You can go back to the item and add it afterwards, also you be credited as the item creator FOREVER.

10’s Across The Board

Ever get fed up of trying to find your highest rated film? Well now it’s no bother. We’ve added a ‘Highest Rated’ to easily allow you to scroll through your ratings from best to worst!

What’s harder, creating a Poll? Or Creating a Poll?

Instead of only being able to create a poll on the home page, users can now create polls via the poll page itself (who’d have guessed it?) and via the create a post button. Now you can all vote until your hearts are content.

Bug Fixes/Other Improvements

Improvement: The items and reviews now show with sharpened corners to fit screen width better.

Improvement: The recently added section and the menu have changed in text to a simplified version of what they were before.

Improvement: You can now get more targeted suggestions and reasons to follow other Smashbombers on the User page

Fix: Users adding multiple items to lists now group together in notifications to stop your feed from cluttering up.

Fix: Lists now properly appear publicly (if selected) and list page without having to manually un-privatise lists.

Fix: An issue where mobile users had rotation issues with uploads of images

Fix: An issue where editing an item or artist would save the Established field as 2019, edited or not

Fix: An issue where adding ISBN numbers to certain books lead to internal server errors

We are working on a whole range of improvements and features to improve Smashbomb further but are always open to new ideas. Please send your feedback to the Smashbomb Feedback Orb here: https://smashbomb.com/s/smashbomb-feedback

Thanks Smashbombers. Over and out for now….

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