You’ve Guessed It! The Next Category Is Books
04 May 2017

You’ve Guessed It! The Next Category Is Books

Even more categories! Finally there’s a place for the bookworms amongst us. Now you can rate and find exciting new ‘reads’ for your relaxing, upcoming days at the beach.

What you’ll be able to do with the added category:

  • track down the latest ‘must read’ from people you follow
  • create a custom list of your favourite novels – top 10/20/50
  • recommend and write reviews on your top books for other bookworms to see ( everyone must find out! )
  • discuss storylines and shocking plot twists (because what’s better than raving about your favourite book with another book lover)

Can’t find your book? Not a problem, simply create a new page using the “+’ symbol on the left side panel. We’re positive you have some hidden gems that must be shared with the world.

We’re excited for all the new Smashbomb categories that are coming soon (more to come!), so make sure you follow us on Twitter to stay updated.


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