Tune In For The Latest Release: Music Will Soon Be Live
13 Jun 2017

Tune In For The Latest Release: Music Will Soon Be Live

Rate all your favourite albums and tracks!! As with every category, create a custom list of your all time favourite albums and tracks, theres always that once song that never gets old, so let your followers know! From the ultimate summer tunes to a classic throwback to the 00’s or your top sassy Beyonce songs (not hinting at anything…) create a list for everything!

Visit the ‘Discover’ page to find new albums/tracks by genre, track down custom lists created by Smashbombers or discover fellow music fans, we’re certain you’ll find a feature you’ll love. Be sure to update your interests if you’re a fan of a particular band/artist, this makes it more likely for similar users to find and connect with you!

So theres another category to the list. Make sure you share and invite your friends onto Smashbomb as it’s currently exclusive to our current users (you’re special to us!).

Let us know what you think on Twitter and Facebook, we love hearing from you!

Oh, and as always – new beta testers are always welcome!


Image credit: xaviernewswire.com

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