We’re getting specific with this update (v19.10.10)
10 Oct 2019

We’re getting specific with this update (v19.10.10)

With this next Smashbomb update be ready for everything – we have the big, we have the small – and the things you didn’t even notice!

Did someone say ‘New Widget’?

After our last update – unveiling the newest part of Smashbomb: Widgets – they’ve really taken off! Shout out to all our blog partners who have added these little beauties to their blogs – they all look great <3

So why not expand and really let people decorate their blogs with Smashbomb widgets?

So say hello to the ‘Item Description Widget’. This little widget is great for just adding a bit of context to your blog reviews or web store – including a description and the overall Smashbomb rating!

Not only does this widget show some fantastic information – it also has many more opportunities to suit your blog to a T!

Introducing some new customizable features in the widget creation menu, you can now alter the font and its size and the footer too. Plus, it’s still just as easy to implement as our first!

List ordering

Within the history of Smashbomb, we have had so many different comments outlining the need for the user-created lists to have the ability to be quickly ordered by rating.

So do not fear, the time is here!

Now on your own lists, you can order by your own rating ascending, or descending – so let’s make these top 100 lists, and let’s make them good.

More Genres! More Genres!

This is one update might not have been the one we knew we wanted, but it is the one we needed.

Now on all items, you can add up to not 3… not 4… but now a fantastic 5 genres or categories!

No more having to decide whether an album is between hip-hop/rap or rock/alternative – add them both because the opportunities are endless. Not only does this help with the categorization of items – but for Daily Missions this is a must!

Other Bits…

We fixed a styling issue with Recommended Videos on the Video page.

We fixed a bug showing incorrect category for Daily Missions.

We tweaked loads of other stuff!

Happy reviewing 🙂

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