Smashbomb Update: 6th March, 2018
06 Mar 2018

Smashbomb Update: 6th March, 2018

We’re always scheming and developing here at Smashbomb and once again we have released a new update, filled with developments and improvements.

Never forget that we want and need your feedback – you could really help us to improve further.

Here is a brief summary of a few different changes that are now live on the server.


Tabletop Games

Introducing the new category, ‘Tabletop Games’. This category is for any game that can be played on a tabletop (see what we did there?). And, there are more than 70 different categories that the games can be placed into including:

  • Action
  • Dice Games
  • Fantasy
  • Card Games
  • Roleplaying
  • Humor

And many more…


Items Featured in Lists

To help you find more related items, we have developed a section on item pages. If an item is featured in a list, then that list will be seen on the item page. For example; the movie ‘Love Actually’ is featured in the list ‘Top Movies’ by User ‘Dean’, so that list will be displayed on the ‘Love Actually’ item page.  


Categories For Lists

Previously, list search results would return items across all categories making it difficult and time-consuming to select the correct item. To counter this, we have now introduced list categories – when you create a new list you are asked to select a category (or you can select a ‘multiple categories’ option). Then, when you add items to this new list, the list item search will only return items from within that category. Easy eh! 🙂

(Hint – we will be utilising list categories further in future updates…)


Video Games

We have changed the category name from ‘Games’ to ‘Video Games’ due to the fact that there are now two types of games (Tabletop and Video Games). 


Item Reporting

Found a duplicate item or simply don’t like something about an item listing? Click on the new ‘Report’ icon and send it through to the Smashbomb elves for investigation! 

And that’s all for this update folks! Stay tuned-in for more updates including new categories and zillions of new features…

Happy Smashbombing!


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